Are you still the future?

Piers’ many years of working with and coaching CEOs worldwide has culminated in this insightful book of knowledge and wisdom. 

Inspired by a favourite client, Piers resolved to encompass his experiences, learnings and teachings to make CEO-level thinking available to all.  

The book is structured with two parts, the first addressing the leaders of tomorrow, the entrepreneur and those motivated and thirsty for success.

The second part speaks to those who have already achieved success and are looking to maximise and enhance this, to go beyond and reach the fullest potential.

This book is the like having ‘Piers in your pocket’, a mentor when you need some ingenuity... a Yoda in your briefcase.

Anyone who knows Piers will be aware of his unique style; his outside-of-the box approach to problem solving coupled with both warmth and humour. 

“I’ve been described by a Number 10 insider as the anti-establishment establishment coach. That might be all you need to know, but if you want a little more read on.”

Whether you’re starting out or are more advanced in your career, this book aims to both inspire, and provoke thought and reflection.


Immensely readable and packed full of nuggets of wisdom. I read it cover to cover and I know I will find myself dipping back in frequently.”


This book was the fizz in my glass of champagne and such was the perfect antidote to our collective post-pandemic fatigue. It’s quite unlike anything you will have read before. Through an interweaving of personal experience, academic study and more than a sprinkling of magic Piers will take you through the really big questions on your leadership journey and provide you with the confidence to become your authentic self. More than that though it will help you understand things about yourself in a profound and useful way and as such, it really is a book for life.”


There are so many valuable moments, phrases and lessons packed inside, it’s not possible to absorb them all in one go. It’s probably best enjoyed slowly, but unfortunately I can’t seem to out it down. Piers writes with both humour and clarity, and brings each chapter to life with fascinating examples and anecdotes from his own life and career. If you’re after an academic “textbook” analysis of leadership, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a book that will make you both laugh and learn simultaneously however, you’ve found it.”

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